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Nina Zarina
Nina Zarina in San Francisco


2022 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, 2:34:19, 1st AG 

Global Winner, 2022/2021/2020/2019 Wings for Life by RedBull

Personal Best, 2021 California International marathon, 2:33:22

3rd place 2021 Los Angeles marathon, 2:37:36

Winner, 2021 Revel Cottonwood Half marathon, 1:10:07

Winner, 2020 Dojo of Pain Invitational Marathon, DC

Winner, 2020 Atlanta Publix Half Marathon

Winner, 2019 San Francisco Marathon

Winner, 2019 Zurich New Year Marathon

Winner, 2019 Long Beach Marathon 2:45:07

2019 Valencia Marathon 2:39:27

2019 Moscow Marathon 2:41:01

2017 Frankfurt Mainova Marathon 2:43:03

Back-to-back Comrades Finisher, 7:26:43 (2018), 7:34:28 (2017)

2016 TCS New York City Marathon 2:51:41

Debut Marathon, 2012 Moscow Marathon 3:25:41


I’m Nina, 36 years old, a long-distance runner, who lives in California. Like math and computer science, I was a normal nerd until age 23, then decided to run the first marathon without any serious sports background.

I made my choice to science and went to a dedicated math school at the age of 14. Between 14 - 23, I was swamped in that and out of the sport. I got my diploma with honor in the university, but after my 23rd birthday party in 2010, I felt that it's the wrong way. If I wanted to stay an active, positive, good looking person in the next 10-15 years and more, I need to change something immediately. 


Running was an easy choice - you only need one pair of shoes and the road to start.


I was living near Moscow, about 40 minutes by train in a small town called Nahabino. My first 1-2 kilometers running were around my house (typical Moscow long block of apartment buildings) and a couple of houses near. It was just a bad asphalt road, not a trail. I tried trail road nearby once but was attacked by a dog and decided not to repeat. 


In May 2012, two years after my first run training session, Nike opened Running Club in Moscow's city center. My mother was the first one who told me about that and invited me to the free training session, and I was happy to join a group. 
In June 2012, I read the book "Daniels Running Formula" by Jack Daniels and created my first running plan for the Moscow marathon in September, in Excel, based on his template. I was running 4-5 times per week, from which twice with the Nike Club. Distance per week was not more than 65 kilometers (40 miles). 
I completed my first marathon at 3:25:41in 3 months after persistent training. I was hardly walking for at least a week after it, though. It was exactly that happy time when you are very proud of your achievement, but moving like a penguin.


Now, after years of many consistent workouts, I’m a winner of international marathons, an amateur runner, and still confident that all my personal bests will be in the future, probably in masters age.

I’m not afraid to dream and work hard. I believe my way is a good example of how it is never too late to transform and change yourself and your life.

Even if nobody believes in your attitude at the beginning. Even without significant results in childhood, school, or college. If you had no sponsorships from the government or brands, there are no reasons to miss your chance to do what you would really like to do.

Just try. Be brave, patient, and strong, and magic will happen in years.


1 mile 4:55   5K 16:25   10K 34:32   Half Marathon 1:10:07   Marathon 2:33:22

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